We speak English. Even more:
We can translate your pet’s language for you. Animal Sense specializes in behavior consultation for domestic animals i.e. horses, dogs and cats. Is it your horse that refuses to enter the trailer, your dog pulling on the leash or your cat that ruins the new sofa? We can help you to overcome the problem and to correct it in an effective fashion.

Animal Sense offers the following services:
Private consultancy and training for companion animals at your home (where the problem occurs). It includes professional evaluation of a problem, identification of the reason of the undesired behavior and coaching (including treatment recommendation).

Pre-Pet consultations. You want to buy a pet? Is the future companion a guinea pig, a cat or a dog? We can help you make the right decision.

Our goal is to enable a harmonious relationship and create a joyful living experience between humans and animals. Animal Sense operates with force-free training methods. We do not use training methods in conjunction with violence. The well being of the animal has our highest priority. The concept of Animal Sense is based on research of animal behavior and studies of animal psychology at the Institute for applied Ethology and Animal Psychology I.E.T. (www.turner-iet.ch).

According to the new law (Tierschutzverordnung), issued on 1st September 2008 dog owners are obliged to attend a dog education course. Animal Sense is officially authorized to conduct the initial dog owner courses. More about: “Das Tierschutzgesetz

More info about my qualifications: “Über uns”.
Contact (+41 79 601 96 48) or email: info(at)animalsense.ch.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Gloria Isler
Certified Pet Behaviour Counsellor I.E.A.P.
Bohlstrasse 25
6300 Zug
+41 79 601 96 48

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